Code of Ethics

While local, state, and federal laws in the United States, and local and governmental laws in other countries will govern how members operate their businesses, members are expected to use courtesy in dealing with each other and with the general public. Members shall take responsibility for furthering mutual trust and respect between booksellers and customers by conducting their businesses with fairness and integrity.

Members shall be responsible for understanding and correctly using specific terminology of the book business.

Members are responsible for accurately describing all material they offer for sale. All significant defects must be noted. Unless mutually agreed upon between a member and a customer, a full refund will be made to the purchaser of any misrepresented material if returned material is received back in the same condition as shipped out (for returns for reasons other than misrepresented material, postage shall not refundable).

Members will make all reasonable efforts to ascertain the authenticity of any materials members offer for sale. A full refund will be offered by any member to a customer on any material sold which is, within 30 days, ascertained to not be authentic. Members will not again offer the same material for sale until determining the nature of that material.

Members will not knowingly purchase or sell stolen materials, and will cooperate with authorities on the recovery of stolen materials.

Title to any material sold shall remain with the member until delivered to the customer. Damage during transit to the customer shall be the responsibility of the member.

Members will not knowingly violate any copyright law.

All member terms and conditions of sale shall be plainly stated on any material offered for sale. These terms and conditions may be renegotiated by mutual consent between member and customer.

Any members offering appraisal services shall make themselves aware of laws governing such activities and abide by them, and shall inform inquiring customers of any conflict of interest inherent in both appraising and buying.

Members shall not solicit business from other members' customers by any direct approach to such customers without the other member's consent.

Disputes among members should be reported to IOBA, and members shall abide by the decision of IOBA regarding the settlement of such disputes.

Violation of this Code Of Ethics may be grounds for censure, suspension, or expulsion.

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